Old Town

At once distinguished and unruly, simple and lavish – to visit Old Town Montevideo is to indulge in the luxury of treading pure history.

Upon stepping through the Ciudadela gate, enduring proof of the once fortified city, a picturesque open-air tour offers itself to visitors, including artisan fairs, art galleries, restaurants, pubs, bookshops, designer stores and antique shops that fill the district’s shabby yet enchanting streets.

On Saturdays, one can slowly peruse the street stalls that offer handicrafts, antiques and valuable collectors’ items at the Plaza Matriz, epicenter of young Uruguay’s democratic values.

The neoclassical majesty of the Solís Theatre and the Metropolitan Cathedral coexist alongside the hustle and bustle of the Montevideo Port, with the allure of its old-world wholesale market, converted into a gastronomic bazaar and temple to the asado (traditional Uruguayan grilling).

The Old Town is a diverse district – a place for students, executives, artisans, fishermen, travelers and the inquisitive, who pay tribute each day to the city’s cultural heritage.